Pondering womanhood……

SolitudePondering womanhood, how do you deal with your monthly cycle? Tips and tricks?

Menstrual cycles. Such fun. I feel it doesn't quite get the attention it deserves - it gets spoken about in hushed voices, behind hands and in cheesy ads. And sometimes funny YouTube videos...


It’s been a while…

I realise it's been a while since I've posted, but it's been quite a busy three months...busy in the sense of living life, enjoying longer days and managing to get a couple of photo shoots in as well. As we speed ahead into the new year I look back over where we've come from and … Continue reading It’s been a while…

Finances – learning to shop in a new country!

Living abroad has it's rewards and challenges. Getting used to a new culture, learning the geography of a new city, dealing with missing friends and family and getting to know where to spend your money to name just a few. As any traveler will tell you, if you go to a foreign country, whether on … Continue reading Finances – learning to shop in a new country!

A time for gifts drawing near

Moving to a new country is quite an experience, trying to find work in a new country is a whole different ball game....especially when you're used to keeping your own hours and doing your own thing as a self-employed photographer. I am slowly trying to build up my photography again over here as the flexibility … Continue reading A time for gifts drawing near

Life abroad…how to get there

It's been four months since our move from South Africa to New Zealand, and we are settling into our new home quite well. There are so many people moving across the globe in today's society and we've chatted to a couple of other expats and their experiences and I've realised that sometimes this move can … Continue reading Life abroad…how to get there

A little less Rock and a little more Roll

It's the start of school holidays, which is probably one of those times that really just tear me in two...I'm super excited not to have to worry about getting up to drive kids to school, worry about packed lunches and hopefully getting to do fun stuff with the kids (I really hope the weather improves!) … Continue reading A little less Rock and a little more Roll

The real reason parenting advice doesn’t work.

Navigating parenthood…. are we there yet? Ok. I know this is supposed to be some enlightened parenting advise on how to have happy, healthy kids that will grow into happy, healthy well-balanced adults, but seriously, after reading article upon article and trying method upon method I’ve come to realise, the only parenting advise I really … Continue reading The real reason parenting advice doesn’t work.